For over 15 years, MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE (MEL) has invested its energies in creating immersive interactive activities focused on light. MEL introduced the first giant projections and video mapping effects on Montreal buildings, as well as events integrating new technologies with onstage performances.

ILLUMINART is aligned with the extraordinary growth of MEL, which aims to support the development of new disciplines. Starting in 2017, MEL will kick off a new international initiative with great potential for development and increased exposure.

In 2017, Illuminart–a new free event solidifying Montreal’s position as a “Smart and Digital City”–will establish itself as an international annual crossroads for illuminated, interactive and immersive avant-garde creativity! Its array of technological works will further confirm the status of MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE as a creative laboratory and showcase, a key component in an international circuit of creative events dedicated to the theme of light!

Illuminart is one of 181 projects selected as part of the Montreal initiative Je fais MTL.


The very first Illuminart interactive installation!

A bonfire created from bulbs flashes to life, controlled by the effect of human warmth. As the stroll and dance around, festival fans will stir up the embers and send the flames ever higher, swirling and whirling, creating heat, light and music. Come and rekindle your inner flame!

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As part of MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE and Illuminart, we invite you to submit your project, work, interactive, illuminated or technological installation, or your design concept.

Bill of specifications Submit a project

Points of consideration:

  • The submitted project must be suitable for outdoor installation and take into consideration Montreal winter weather conditions.
  • Simplicity: playful, simple and brief
  • Innovative without being meaningless
  • Arouses emotion, touching
  • Interactive, participative and engaging
  • Luminous, warm welcoming

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